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Description:International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors 2012
... Portugal in the resort Figueira da Foz elected the Queen of the Beaches due to its 15 km of sandy beach Figueira da Foz is just 40 km away from Coimbra a historical city that hosts one of the oldest universities of Europe 1290 together with Bologna and Santiago de Compostela more than 700 years old This workshop provides an international forum for discussing current research and development in the area of position sensitive detectors for radiation imaging including semiconductor detectors gas and scintillator based detectors and applications The iWoRID2012 conference will be held in the CAE Centro de Artes e Espectáculos da Figueira da Foz a modern Conference Hall with pleasant ample space including an inner garden with glazed roof CAE The complete address is Rua Abade Pedro 3080 084 Figueira da Foz Portugal As in previous meetings the main topics will be Detector Systems includes the wide assortment of detector systems ranging from large LHC detectors to small single diode systems from visible light to heavy charged particles Sensor Materials Device Processing Technologies Sensor material and technologies such as Silicon single crystal and amorphous Gallium Arsenide Cadmium Telluride and other semiconductors 3D and edgeless sensors Processing Characterization Reliability Radiation damage Scintillators Front end Electronics and Readout dedicated to ASICS include MAPS CMOS and SiOI Monolithic and hybrid systems Single photon counting and charge integrating front ends 3D asics Monolithic active pixel sensors CCDs Data readout architectures Hardware and software Data compression transfer and storage Imaging theory Integrating vs counting mode Energy weighting Correction algorithms High Energy Physics Astronomy Detectors and applications probing the standard model like Tracking detectors Vertex detectors Particle detectors Low and High energy Photon detection Free Electron Lasers Detector development dealing with high photon fluxes and its applications Charge integrating DEPFET Applications range from astronomy...

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