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  • Mobility Service
    s access the b on regardless of location content and services provided 3 REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION Access to mobility service b on can be done by the following conditions The institution is a member of b on The institution is linked to RCTS Additionally the institution must provide the component supply identity Identity Provider Institutions wishing to join the federation should contact the team RCTSaai rctsaai fccn pt 4 PARTICIPATING

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  • Preservation Service
    essential to b onl since there is the need to ensure access to subscribed content in order to Protect the investment by ensuring access to the contents in case of losing access Ensure access to subscribed content to former members and Ensure access to transferred titles ACCESS CONTENT b on subscribed PORTICO s preservation service Portico ensures access to archived content when particular situations occur or when titles are no longer available in the publisher website or when The institution cancels the subscription and the publisher delegates at Portico the Post Cancelation Access The publisher disappears or ceases activity The title is no longer published Previous editions are no longer available or If there is a catastrophic failure of the publisher platform ADVANTAGES Among the advantages of Portico we may highlighted the following Libraries and publishers do not have the burden of managing and operating the archive There is a large number of publishers participating in Portico Files for archive provided by publishers are normalized to a standard file format that is being updated ensuring thus the perpetual access Support post cancellation access Portico ensures access after cancellation of more than 87 of electronic journals and 100 ebooks b on

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  • Statistics
    its members information on usage data over the years For this purpose we use USTAT platform that allows among other features to obtain the following information Number of downloads for publisher database aggregator most and least used journals Seasonality analysis Each year b on Team produces a statistical report in order to provide patrons with demonstrative evidence of the use of available resources in the b on b on What

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  • Students
    of the best content providers through subscriptions negotiated at national level Know which subscribed collections we have For the best use of the b on s search service please see the e learning modules short term that gives you tips and clarify you about the several types of research that can be perform To learn more see also the item Good practices This area s main purpose is to help

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  • Teachers & Researchers
    Best practices News Menu Teachers Researchers If you work in any of the b on member institutions please note that you have access to the full text of thousands of academic and scientific contentes peer review b on is available to all teachers in public higher education institutions university and polytechnic institutes and to research professionals researchers physicians b on provides access to scientific journals and e books of some of the best content providers through subscriptions negotiated at national level Know which subscribed collections we have You can access the b on outside your institution through Proxy and VPN Virtual Private Network The provision of such services depends solely to each member institution It allows you to performe searchs at home create and manage a personal area access to abstracts and tables of contents If you have access via proxy or VPN you may also access the full text You can create alerts that can help you in your professional practice If your institution is not a member of b on but you would like to be please contact with your Library b on What is b on Mission and goals Join b on Our Members Partnerships Contact Us

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  • Research topic
    Where to Publish Copyright Research topic In the beginning of a search it s necessary to choose the topic you want to search Sometimes you choose big topics because you think they are easier But some topics are VERY big EXAMPLES Global warming or eating disorders or violence Problems with BIG topics You can t properly cover it in a small paper You will find too much information You can t search or write about a topic that you don t clearly delimit Solution Ask What Who Where When How To limit your topic you should focus on a single subject a specific group a specific period of time A single cause and effect A single argument or point of view There are of course issues that are very specific making it difficult to perform a search If the issue is very limited you ll have difficulty finding the information Example Blind fish feeding in the Mira d Aire caves or the chromatic influence during pregnancy Solution If your topic is too specific try to extend it a bit making it more general However be careful so as not to make it too general and comprehensive The definition of a

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  • Keyword
    obtained rapidly But computers only search the word not the idea behind that word The same idea can be expressed by different words so the words you use during a search should be chosen carefully because they will have consequences in the search results TIP 1 Set the topic of your search 2 Set the most important related words to your topic 3 Select the keywords you will use in your search To define the keyword try to use general or specialized dictionaries and thesaurus See Thesaurus com gather descriptors and keywords used in papers of key publications use thesaurus list of keywords phrases or vocabulary from several databases use relevant databases to your study area and do some quick searches Through these searches identify new keywords synonyms related terms pay attention to keywords and descriptors used by indexers to the results provided by the databases you used PROBLEM Difficulty in defining the keywords Think of the keyword in a broad restricted and related way Example university students Broad Pupils Students Restricted medicine pupils medical students Related Youth Young adults Pupils in higher education higher education students PROBLEM 1 You don t get any results Check the spelling If all

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  • Search technique
    search always search in databases These databases have the information organized in order to be searched Each item has a record associated Each record has fields with different information subject author title EXAMPLE Title Going online academic libraries and the move from print to electronic journals Author Toni Fortini Publication Library Student Journal Year 2007 Abstract Academic libraries are increasing the number of electronic journals e journals in their collections While patrons enjoy access to articles with the click of a button librarians face the complex process of Implementing and maintaining e journal subscriptions Subject Keywords Academic libraries electronic journals Online databases usually allow two types of searches Simple search allows you to search only one field Advanced search allows you to search on multiple fields as well as using auxiliary search tools TIP Select the field you want to search Instead of searching on all fields search for a specific field such as title or subject Auxiliary search tools 1 Boolean Operators The connecting words like AND OR and NOT or NO are crucial to combine multiple terms They are called boolean operators AND When you want to find articles that bring together two or more ideas you must connect search terms with the word AND This means that both terms must appear somewhere in the registry AND is used to limit your search AND EXAMPLES Television AND Violence Internet AND Security OR The term OR can also be used to combine words In this case the search retrieves articles that contain one of the keywords This type of search works best when you intend to find synonyms of a particular concept As a result search is extended OR EXAMPLES University OR College Teenager OR adolescent NOT The term not can also be used to combine words This term

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