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  • Keyword
    obtained rapidly But computers only search the word not the idea behind that word The same idea can be expressed by different words so the words you use during a search should be chosen carefully because they will have consequences in the search results TIP 1 Set the topic of your search 2 Set the most important related words to your topic 3 Select the keywords you will use in your search To define the keyword try to use general or specialized dictionaries and thesaurus See Thesaurus com gather descriptors and keywords used in papers of key publications use thesaurus list of keywords phrases or vocabulary from several databases use relevant databases to your study area and do some quick searches Through these searches identify new keywords synonyms related terms pay attention to keywords and descriptors used by indexers to the results provided by the databases you used PROBLEM Difficulty in defining the keywords Think of the keyword in a broad restricted and related way Example university students Broad Pupils Students Restricted medicine pupils medical students Related Youth Young adults Pupils in higher education higher education students PROBLEM 1 You don t get any results Check the spelling If all

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  • Search technique
    search always search in databases These databases have the information organized in order to be searched Each item has a record associated Each record has fields with different information subject author title EXAMPLE Title Going online academic libraries and the move from print to electronic journals Author Toni Fortini Publication Library Student Journal Year 2007 Abstract Academic libraries are increasing the number of electronic journals e journals in their collections While patrons enjoy access to articles with the click of a button librarians face the complex process of Implementing and maintaining e journal subscriptions Subject Keywords Academic libraries electronic journals Online databases usually allow two types of searches Simple search allows you to search only one field Advanced search allows you to search on multiple fields as well as using auxiliary search tools TIP Select the field you want to search Instead of searching on all fields search for a specific field such as title or subject Auxiliary search tools 1 Boolean Operators The connecting words like AND OR and NOT or NO are crucial to combine multiple terms They are called boolean operators AND When you want to find articles that bring together two or more ideas you must connect search terms with the word AND This means that both terms must appear somewhere in the registry AND is used to limit your search AND EXAMPLES Television AND Violence Internet AND Security OR The term OR can also be used to combine words In this case the search retrieves articles that contain one of the keywords This type of search works best when you intend to find synonyms of a particular concept As a result search is extended OR EXAMPLES University OR College Teenager OR adolescent NOT The term not can also be used to combine words This term

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  • Literature review
    of study This summary is called a literature review In order to produce a good literature review you need to go in line with developments that are being made in order to not only keep updated but above all to identify and analyze all the relevant material The quality of your literature review is only as good as the material you find if you know how the information is published in your subject area and how you should perform the search You may have to search and do a literature in various stages of your research At first you might want to do a search for improve your knowledge of the subject area get ideas on how to make your searches identify gaps in research identify trends and predict future studies identify keywords phrases and descriptors Identify main authors and studies During the research process may want to do further review of the literature review your own progress and reassess its position check for new studies that may impact your research check the relevant literature in related areas use keywords that have not been used previously When writing your work you can use the literature review that made for introduce

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  • Search for references
    references Bibliographical references Citations Plagiarism Works presentation Articles Powerpoint presentations Poster Theses and Dissertations Publish Articles Where to Publish Copyright Search for references The search for references is particularly useful because it allows you becomes aware of any studies that could not find through your research Pay attention to the references that appear at the end of articles and that you consider relevant and useful Doing that can help you getting relevant results unobtainable from any other method This research method allows you to not only become aware of other studies articles but also to collect information about authors keywords and leading publications Sometimes an article has a link cited by allowing you to make the historic of citations of that article and access to information thus equally relevant to your research The key articles may never have been cited however many of the current databases allow you to create alerts and be informed when those are cited Another way to search is to use the functionality related references by accessing related documents records articles This function allows you to access documents that share at least one quote in common with the document you refer This is also a good

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  • Citations
    and indicates its exact location in the source When the quote is used in accordance with a list of references it should contain sufficient data to ensure the exact match between that quote and the reference document Citations are made to support a hypothesis to sustain an idea or to illustrate an argument Its main function is to provide the reader with the necessary data so that he can prove

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  • Plagiarism
    Poster Theses and Dissertations Publish Articles Where to Publish Copyright Plagiarism When composing a work is crucial to cite everything that is not of your own authorship through the use of citations and references list at the end of the work The list of references should include all sources consulted and quoted throughout the work Citations should be as complete as possible to allow the easily location of the item You should also present the citations in a format style appropriate There are several styles used on citing sources in Portugal we use the Portuguese Standard is 405 but there are many others who can use Inform yourself about the existence and availability of bibliography management software that helps you not only to manage your personal collection of information but also use some citation styles If in your research paper you use parts of works of other authors and does t reference them readers will assume that everything is of your own authorship This is plagianism and ir occurs when a work is presented with ideas or quotations from other authors without reference to them Remember that you will never be criticized for appeal and mention work of other researchers

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  • Articles
    relation to its publication First of all should know the main journals of your study area paying attention to quality impact factor and immediacy of the same For this use Journal Citation Reports Please note that if you submit an article for publication in a journal you can t submit it simultaneously to another Generally the articles present a well defined structure with abstract objectives methodology results analysis and conclusions

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  • Powerpoint presentations
    mistakes It is common to use the slides as main point of the presentation That s the first big mistake PowerPoint should only be a complement to oral discourse In Microsoft s own website there is a warning the most effective presentations are often the simplest The site of PowerPoint also advises not to use more than five words per line and no more than five lines per slide One tip that may help is the 10 20 30 rule invented by Guy Kawasaki a presentation should be no more than 10 slides presented within 20 minutes and use always a source greater than 30 Speak slowly try not to read what is written on the slides look at the audience The purpose of the presentation is essential in determining what can and can not be done If you re giving a speech or display data in a meeting or school work the main thing is going to be succinct and to the point Avoid the use of transitions effects music colors and images that can distract the audience So choose to write on topics and use graphics and images to convey the information Recommendations Each slide should have a

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