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  • Escola Ciência Viva - Início
    Laboratório A Cozinha é um Laboratório Substituímos os tubos de ensaios por tachos e panelas e preparámos atividades de crescer água na boca Mais Atividades de Laboratório Atividades de Laboratório O Laboratório é um espaço dinâmico onde as perguntas dão origem a experiências únicas Mais Áreas Expositivas Áreas Expositivas Nas diferentes áreas expositivas do Pavilhão os alunos poderão explorar e experimentar os vários espaços e descobrir os seus mistérios Mais

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  • Escola Ciência Viva - Home
    the week in which students have the opportunity to be in touch with a real scientist from a wide variety of science research domain Mais The kitchen is a Lab The kitchen is a Lab We replaced test tubes with pots and pans and prepared delicious lab activities Mais Experimental Activities Experimental Activities Simple questions lead to unique experiments Mais Exhibition Areas Exhibition Areas In the different exhibition areas of

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  • Escola Ciência Viva - About us
    the whole Europe The idea of making the educational mission of museums deeper is the base of some of the most innovative projects of the last years The museum schools are an example of this idea as they have been having even more importance on the other side of the Atlantic ocean the Science Center School in Los Angeles is one of the most known examples A special connection to the city of Lisbon In the academic year of 2014 15 the project involved all schools clusters from Lisbon 1341 students from 46 schools of the elementary level of education and 60 teachers came for a week in the Ciência Viva School being actively supported by the City Council of Lisbon and its Department for Education and Youth The Ciência Viva School the only one of this type in Portugal adds a singular dimension to this kind of projects creating a learning network which is able to cover the diversity of the school population of a city in this case from a European capital Involving each school cluster of Lisbon the Ciência Viva School increases the number of opportunities for exchanging experience and knowledge opening collaboration perspectives which are productive

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  • Escola Ciência Viva - Commission
    Officer of the Order of Infante D Henrique Portugal Commander of the Order of Merit France and Grand Officer of the Order of Leopold II Belgium Arsélio Pato de Carvalho Member of the National Council for Education he is the Honorary President of the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology of Coimbra CNC which he founded in 1989 He is professor at the University of Coimbra of which he was rector from 2002 to 2003 He is also Adviser in the Education Service in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation since 2006 Carlos Fiolhais He is professor in the Physics Department of the University of Coimbra and is Director of the General Library of the University of Coimbra He created and directs the Ciência Viva Center Rómulo de Carvalho He won the Golden Globe of 2004 for Merit and Excellence in Science given by SIC and Caras in 2005 Order of Infante D Henrique in 2005 He won Innovation Awards of the III Millennium and Rómulo de Carvalho Forum of the University of Évora in 2006 Manuel Paiva He was president of the Committee Life Sciences of the European Space Agency ESA 1989 1992 vice president of the Committee Microgravity of ESA 1992 1994 member of the ESA s Scientific Committee for the International Space Station 1994 2000 and president of ESA Educative Funds for the International Space Station 2003 2005 He took part in ten space missions of NASA and ESA three of which as principal investigator Maria do Carmo Fonseca Pessoa Award 2010 she is professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon Since 2001 she coordinates the Institute for Molecular Medicine IMM of the Faculty of Medicine She belongs to the Portuguese Academy of Medicine and to the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon She was three times awarded with

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  • Escola Ciência Viva - Assessment
    hand it seeks to provide the basis for continuous reflexive practice and assess the impact of these practices not only at school but also within the local community On the other hand the assessment and follow up are designed to produce relevant information in view of a large scale dissemination of the project outcomes both at a national and international level Documents Relatório de avaliação 2013 14 Perspetivas e Recomendações

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  • Escola Ciência Viva - Highlights
    Amgen Foundation awarded CienciaViva School with a grant for the quality and innovation of our educational program This support opens news perspectives for collaboration with on going science education projects world wide More about Amgen Foundation and its science education program Other news and events Solar eclipse Mini explainers at Escola Ciência Viva The comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko landing National day of the Sea Navio Escola Sagres Lauching of Mission

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  • Escola Ciência Viva - Historic
    started in ECV in 2013 and it is the result of a partnership between the Pavillion of Knowledge and Diário de Notícias newspaper This project aims to spread scientific knowledge online the students are the journalists and aided by their teachers they compose news for a newspaper where the main topic is science The students have free choice about the news coverage they can write about their activities during the

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  • Escola Ciência Viva - Historic
    Versão Portuguesa Home About us Commission Assessment Highlights Media Lab Historic Resources Contacts Newsletter Previous editions Meeting with Scientist Experimental Activities The kitchen is a Lab Activities Exhibitions Areas Recess

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